Wiggins Recreation will be opening registration for Adult Co-Ed Softball in the next week after we get youth summer ball started.  Teams need to know the following PRIOR to signing up:

- We are looking to open the team registration as early as 5/6/2021.

- The Captain of each team is the ONLY one that needs to register the team. 

- This Captain will be responsible for providing communications to other team members. Responsible for making the team payment.

- Registration is currently $350 per team. (With potentially 10 people per team - this would only be $35 per person for loads of summer fun).

- NEW RULE! Wiggins Rec will provide the umpires for the first game each Friday night. One person from each team after the first game will need to remain as umpires for the next game.  

- Teams will not be completely approved until roster information is completed with the minimum 10 players.

- Games will be on Friday nights.

- Game and team rules - - -